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Guacamole Time!

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As you are well-aware by now, I am a busy girl.  Homework, college whatnot, SAT practice, extracurricular activities, babysitting and chores can become overwhelming very quickly; but sometimes breaks are disguised with names like “family party” and they are far too few.

This weekend one of these “family parties” appeared on my schedule.  My brother was only going to turn 15 once so naturally he was thrown a party with aunts, cousins, friends, grandparents, etc.  My jobs for making this party happen were simple things like pick up the special coffee from the store, run to the market and pick up the lasagnas and meats, dust every inch of wood work (it seems like when my parents redid the house they squeezed in as much wanes coating and moldings as they could just to give me more to dust).  But this party, I was asked to provide another service: make the guacamole.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed baking because of whatever scrumptious morsels ended up as products.  Guacamole is by no means a baked-good, but I like creating it for the same reason i do anything sugary; the outcome is delicious!

My two perfect avocados


I have never really followed a recipe but if you are interested in a specific one I suggest this guacamole recipe.  I usually begin with some perfect avocados and then mix in all of the ingredients as I see fit.  My guacamole isn’t complete without lime juice, tomatoes, garlic, onions, worchestire sauce, and cilantro.

I start off by cutting the avocado in half and then removing the pit. To remove its green innards from the shell, I slice it up without cutting the skin. With a large spoon, I scoop out the inside of the avocado into my bowl.  Once this step is complete, I put in the lime juice next.  I like to put in a generous amount.  Usually I use the kind from a bottle just because it is quicker.  Furthermore, I like to do this before mashing the avocados because it softens them up a little.  The fun part comes next (not). Since I am such a weakling, I hate to use my muscles to smooth the mixture but it doesn’t take too long and needs to be done properly to ensure no chunks of avocado in the final product.

The hardest is over! Next I like to cut up my tomato, onion, and garlic.  The ratio I go by for tomato to avocado is one to two.  This way, there are chunks of tomato in every bite! I like a lot of onion in mine, but it all depends of the taste of the consumer, and most of the time I don’t add too much garlic because I don’t want the flavor to overwhelm the mix.

Mix in some worchestire sauce and cilantro and there you have your guacamole! Like I said, I never really follow a recipe.  I throw everything together based on how well I think everything will taste together.


Now it’s really time for the fun part! Take a bite! I have never met someone who didn’t like my guacamole so I must be doing something right.

It was a hit at the party and I certainly found it to be positively delicious.

All gone!

My mom is taking a bite!

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